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Call for Applications 2023 - 2024 Forthcoming

Hospitality and Destination Management

I Level Master


The Hospitality and Destination Management I Level Master provides a specialized vocational training in tourism management according to a systemic perspective. In particular, it aims to train professionals dealing with the new necessary approaches to the systemic management characterizing all business sectors and to acquire the digital knowledge necessary for an innovative and sustainable management approach based on the experience dimension.

Both digitization and experience dimensions represent the drivers that guide the strategic management process of both hospitality and destination management companies. The I Level Master offers new scenarios in the logics based on an integrated management of information, together with the use of digital technologies, all with a view to greater efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. Besides the drivers of digitalization, the I Level Master provides training activities related to the strategic approach of operations and to the competitive dynamics based on the experience dimension that, today, appeals incoming touristic flows.

The Time


The I Level Master is offered online, asynchronous, on a 12 month basis

Academic Credit (CFU)

Earn 60 CFU when you attended at least 80% of the training activities included in the

I Level Master

Using Laptop at Home


  • Advance your skill set

  • Complete an internship

  • Quick access to University of South Florida Hospitality Masters




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