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Call for Applications 2023 - 2024 

Hospitality and Destination Management

Online Masters (Asynchronous)


We are delighted to announce a significant advancement in higher education: the University of Naples Federico II, Italy is happy to launch an innovative, online asynchronous master's program. This initiative is set to provide exceptional flexibility and access to top-tier educational opportunities. In addition, students will have the opportunity ti transfer their credits to the University of South Florida, USA towards USF's Masters Degree in Hospitality Management.

The strategic management process in hospitality and destination management companies is guided by two key drivers: digitization and experience dimensions. The I Level Master program introduces new perspectives in these areas, emphasizing integrated information management and the application of digital technologies. This approach aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. In addition to focusing on digitalization, the program also offers training in strategic operations and competitive dynamics. A significant aspect of this training is the experience dimension, which is increasingly influential in attracting tourist flows today.

Using Laptop at Home

Pathway to a U.S. Master's Degree

  • $2,000 scholarship towards your studies

  • Out-of-State Tuition Waiver: $9,000 (approx.)

  • For those looking to expand their horizons, credits from this program can be seamlessly transferred to the University of South Florida. This offers students an opportunity to pursue a U.S. Master's in Hospitality Management at University of South Florida, further enriching their academic and professional experience.

Academic Credit (CFU)

Earn 60 CFU when you attended at least 80% of the training activities included in the

I Level Master

The Time


The I Level Master is offered online, asynchronous, on a 9 month basis

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