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  • Who can enroll in the Hospitality & Destination Management Level I Masters
    Any student or professional looking to expand their skills and learn more.
  • Is the entire Masters online?
    The lecture portion of the masters is online, however, your internship needs to be completed in person.
  • What is the duration?
    The duration of the masters is 12 months.
  • What are CFU, how many are awarded, and how can I use them?"
    CFU is the unit of measure of learning work that a student needs, having an appropriate initial education, to acquire competences and skills. One credit corresponds to 25 hours of learning, spent attending classes, laboratories, and seminars and studying. CFUs are obtained by passing exams or other assessment tests.. The certificate awards 60 CFUs. CFUs may be recognised for the purpose of continuing other study programmes.
  • Will I get a transcript?
    Yes, University of Naples Federico II will award a transcript at the end of a succesfull completion.
  • Who is responsible with the internship placement?
    The masters participant is responsible with finding an internship placement and providing proof of their participation.
  • Can my current work placement serve as my internship placement?
    If you are working in the hospitality or tourism field, yes, your current work placement may serve as your intership placement.
  • How do I complete the University of South Florida Master of Science in Hospitality Management degree?
    After successfully completing the Certificate program, you will be invited to apply for the Master of Science in Hospitality Management degree. The program is in person in Florida, USA
  • What is the cost of USF Masters?
    Find out more here:
  • What is the cost of the masters?
    €6.000 for the 12 months Please see a broken down explanation here
  • Will I get paid during my internship?
    Generally no, but it depends on the company where you will undertake your internship as well as the workload.
  • Is there a different procedure for Italian and Non Italian Citizens
    Yes, please see details on the registration page.
  • Pathway to USF Masters benefits
    - $2,000 scholarship towards your studies - Out-of-State Tuition Waiver: $9,000 (approx.)
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