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The Hospitality and Destination Management is a 9 month, fully online I Level Master available to all any willing participate. In order to successfully finish the Master, participants must pass all modules at 80% and complete a 3 month long practical internship. Once all requirements are completed a transcript will be awarded as well as the opportunity to to complete one more additional year instead of two at the University of South Florida for the The Master of Science in Hospitality Management.

The I lLevel Master is recommended for:

  • Students (who have already completed their bachelor's degree)

  • Professionals and Operators who want to understand and deepen the trends and challenges of the hospitality, F&B and destination management

  • Entrepreneurs who want to be inspired by new business models and manage their companies in an innovative way

In a Meeting

How it Works

Course Length

9 Months




5 - 10 hours per week


Instructor - led

Registration Deadline

January 2, 2024



Working Together on Project

Pathway to a U.S. Master's Degree

  • Seamlessly transferred to the University of South Florida. This offers students an opportunity to pursue a U.S. Master's in Hospitality Management at University of South Florida, further enriching their academic and professional experience.

  • $2,000 scholarship towards your studies

  • Out-of-State Tuition Waiver: $9,000 (approx.)


The Hospitality and Destination Management I Level Master is characterized by the centrality concretely assigned to themes that today are assuming a particular strategic value in terms of competitiveness factors in different business sectors:

Tourism Systems and Destination Management

They are the result of an integrated approach to the destination management, characterized by the cooperation and collaboration of all stakeholders involved in the tourist local offer, perfectly in line with the new orientations of the tourism sector, which is increasingly witnessing strategic alliances processes in order to achieve a competitive growth

Digitalization and Experience


In terms of the strong impact that digitization is having in tourism on both the demand and supply side:

  • Digital Storytelling in light of the narrative mechanism, supported by multimedia elements, to generate sharing processes

  • Co-creation of tourism experiences and strong combination of tradition and innovation

Local Attractiveness for Territorial Valorization and F&B

  • Based on the territorial valorization, improving the overall service quality and, therefore, the local attractions’ fruition.

  • Re-qualification and discovery of the local eno-gastronomic excellences as a strategic expression of the territory in a terroir-oriented perspective

  • Promotion of sustainable, socially responsible and green tourism

Innovation Management in the Hospitality Industry

In light of the tourism valorization and overall service improvement, considering the impact of technological innovations on the sector and the new models of fruition adopted by “the new tourists” :

  • Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence that support the modernization paths of tourism companies to achieve new business goals

  • Big data that allows not only to acquire data and extract knowledge from it, but also to tell stories through this data and to manage its ethical and legal repercussions.

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